Steven Santoro & Walter Fischbacher Trio
Steven Santoro
 Steven Santoro & Walter Fischbacher Trio

Steven SantoroGefühlvolle Intensität und Moviestar Sex Appeal - New York ObserverEin hochkarätiger Performer, der sich nicht bequem in eine Schublade quetschen läßt. Der seine beachtlich umfangreiche, samtige Stimme stets dem Fluss seiner schier endlosen Kreativität unterordnet. Anstatt sich von Genres eingrenzen zu lassen, lebt Steven Santoro in seinem eigenen musikalischen Reich, geleitet von einem Drang nach Wachstum, Ausdruck und Invividualität.

"Emotional intensity and movie star sex appeal" - New York Observer An extraordinary performer who will not be pigeonholed. Who always places his remarkably rangy, velvety voice in the service of his seemingly endless creative flow. Instead of being limited by a genre, Steven Santoro inhabits his very own musical realm, continually striving for growth, expression and individuality.

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line up
Steven Santoro - vocals
Walter Fischbacher- piano
Petr Dvorsky - bass
Ulf Stricker - drums
Steven Santoro - vocals Steven Santoro
Walter Fischbacher - keys
Petr Dvorksy - bass Petr Dvorsky
Ulf Stricker drums
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Steven SantoroSteven Santoro
stage plan

Phishbacher Trio + vocals, technical rider

If we are on tour we most likely carry all of our backline ourselves, ALL WE NEED IS AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET. Please contact us at walter [at] or SMS +1 347 993 3561 if there are any questions

Sound System:
Band requires a minimum 10 inputs from FOH desk
(prefer A&H, Soundcraft, Yamaha or Midas consoles)
Please include:
3 Dedicated monitor mixes
One Multi Effect processors cabable of Reverb
Four 12" or 15" 2-Way Monitor Wedges
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Input List:
(Mic preferences - EV/Shure/Sennheiser/AKG)
01) Kick Drum
02) Snare Drum
03) Left side overhead condensor
04) Right side overhead condensor
05) Bass mic
06) Bass DI
07) Keys left DI
08) Keys right DI
09) Voc mic

One acoustic grand piano (6' in length or more). If no piano is available: One 88 Key weighted action master keyboard (Roland RD 600/700, Yamaha SX90 or similar ) + keyboard stand
!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own keyboard.

Bass Amplifier:
(1) GK combo or similar
!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own bass amp

Drum Kit:
18" Bass drum
10" Tom Tom
12" Tom Tom
14" Snare drum
4 Cymbal stands (2 boom, 1 straight and Hi Hat)
kik drum pedal area rug Adjustable Drum Stool
Drummer will bring his own cymbals

!!!PLEASE READ!!!: When on tour in Europe we will bring our own drums set